reforming Government 


“Draining the Swamp” needs to be more than just a political promise. We need to change the atmosphere in our nation’s capital and ensure that our elected officials are representing the will of the people. As a member of the House of Representatives, Aaron will immediately join the bi-partisan Congressional Reformers Caucus and fight for the following essential changes.

  • Amend the Constitution to overturn the “Citizens United” ruling and eliminate corporate personhood

  • Support term limits of 12 years for Representatives and Senators

  • Support a five-year ban on lobbying once a member leaves Congress

  • Outlaw “Leadership PACs”

  • Ensure that all taxpayer-funded discrimination and harassment settlements are disclosed

  • Eliminate the Commission on Presidential Debates and other entities which exclude legitimate third-party candidates

  • Prohibit lobbyists, or anyone associated with a lobbying organization, from writing bills that will be voted on by the House and Senate

  • Prevent members of Congress or their family members from trading in stocks while in office

Link: After all, we’re not far from seeing news articles like this (this is a satirical news article – not real news)