THE platform

Our nation suffers from an extreme level of income inequality. The gap between America’s richest citizens and the majority of the nation is growing every year. Severe income disparity led this country into the two greatest economic downturns we have ever seen: the Great Depression and the Great Recession. If our leaders do not address this issue, it will lead to another economic collapse, leaving millions of Americans out of jobs and unable to support their families.

Aaron is ready to take on this challenge, because he knows that common sense ideas are supported from both sides of the aisle. He has already developed a comprehensive economic plan that will provide for a fairer economy and a better deal for working-class Americans. The plan will:

  • Raise wages from the bottom up

  • Create a simpler, more progressive income tax system

  • Prevent jobs from being sent overseas

  • Help create a more sustainable economy

  • Bring the federal budget into balance

Aaron is proposing a new economic approach, one that ensures that workers are compensated fairly. Supporting an individual's ability to earn a respectable and secure living will not only help solve many of our social problems, but provide a foundation for balancing the budget and reducing our national debt. Aaron knows the challenges facing the country are great, and he’s ready to take them on with the help of people from all sides of the political spectrum. A better deal for working families can be achieved, but we need to work together to do it.


Strengthening Idaho's and America’s Economy

Good paying jobs and a strong middle class are the keys to a vibrant, self-sufficient economy. We need an economy that isn’t reliant on continual tax cuts, government spending, or a money-printing Federal Reserve. Establishing such an economy will help us balance the budget, eliminate corruption in Washington, and solve social problems in America’s heartland. Aaron will fight to strengthen the economy by raising wages and fostering fair competition.


creating a fair and balanced tax system

Our tax system is long in need of an overhaul. Changes are needed to make a more fair and efficient system for all Americans. We can reduce the burden on hard-working families and still fully-fund our necessary public investments -- in defense, education, infrastructure, and emergency services -- by simplifying the tax system while making it more progressive.


boosting trade and increasing idaho agriculture around the world

Idaho needs a Congressman that will fight to open markets for Idaho’s industries, while not undermining American workers or encouraging the offshoring of American jobs. Aaron will work to open up new opportunities for Idahoans and Idaho businesses around the country.


Managing and balancing the federal budget

Because the Washington political machine has failed to create a vibrant economy that properly rewards American workers, too many families are reliant on government assistance of one form or another. Add to this the fact that too many politicians in Washington believe that stuffing pork into the federal budget is the best way to keep the economy moving in their home district and we have a fiscal situation that threatens our very nation.


Securing a strong IMMIGRATION system

America was built by immigrants. We need a system that reflects our history while maintaining our security. Most of the people that come into our country do so to make a better life for themselves - just like we all want. Our approach to immigration should reflect that, and Aaron will work to bring both compassion and common sense to the immigration debate.


Improving schools and advancing educational opportunities

Education is the foundation of a strong economy and a prosperous nation. Aaron will work to make strong investments in our public education system and our students to ensure that every American has the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive global economy.

natural resources.png

Protecting our natural resources

Idaho is known for its great open spaces and wonderful natural resources. Preserving the natural ecosystem and protecting public access will be a top priority. Aaron will work to protect Idaho’s great outdoors to maintain the places that Idahoans know and love.

health care.png

Securing quality and affordable health care for everyone

Affordable and quality health care should be accessible for all Americans. If people are dying because they can’t afford health coverage, we can’t call ourselves the greatest country in the world. Aaron believes that the United States should make the decision that all other industrialized countries have made: to create a universal, single-payer healthcare system.


Meeting our Energy needs

As new technology arises that makes energy cheaper, cleaner, and renewable, Idaho and America need to be at the forefront of implementing an energy plan that will remove our reliance on fossil fuels while avoiding unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Reforming Government     

“Draining the Swamp” needs to be more than just a political promise. We need to change the atmosphere in our nation’s capital and ensure that our elected officials are representing the will of the people.