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securing quality and affordable health care for everyone

Access to affordable and quality health care should be a right for all Americans. If people are dying because they can’t afford health coverage, we can’t call ourselves the greatest country in the world. We can change that - America has the resources and talent to make affordable, quality health care a reality for all Americans. Idaho needs a Congressman that will work to bring all sides to the table.

  • Increase efficiency, streamline Medicaid payments

    • Reduce dependence on Medicaid by lifting wages

    • Utilize technology and data sharing to streamline the program across state lines

  • Make Medicare more effective by enhancing benefits for poorer beneficiaries, while reducing the benefit to wealthy Americans 

  • Increase competition in the insurance market by creating a "public option" for individuals and small businesses in rural communities
  • Establish long term funding for CHIP, while reducing dependence on the program by lifting wages

  • Work across the aisle and with various stakeholders to create a health care system that works for all