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securing quality and affordable health care for everyone

Affordable and quality health care should be accessible for all Americans. If people are dying because they can’t afford health coverage, we can’t call ourselves the greatest country in the world. Aaron believes that the United States should make the decision that all other industrialized countries have made: to create a universal, single-payer healthcare system. Until this is a reality, there are numerous steps that can be taken to reduce costs and improve quality.

  • Increase efficiency, streamline Medicaid payments

    • Reduce dependence on Medicaid by lifting wages

    • Utilize technology and data sharing to streamline the program across state lines

  • Make Medicare more effective by enhancing benefits for poorer beneficiaries, while reducing the benefit to wealthy Americans 

  • Increase competition in the insurance market by creating a "public option" for individuals and small businesses in rural communities
  • Establish long term funding for CHIP, while reducing dependence on the program by lifting wages

  • Promote competition by preventing mergers and acquisitions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors

  • Allow Medicare to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices