Strengthening Idaho's And America's economy

Good paying jobs and a strong middle class are the keys to a vibrant, self-sufficient economy. We need an economy that isn’t reliant on continual tax cuts, government spending, or a money-printing Federal Reserve. Establishing such an economy will help us balance the budget, eliminate corruption in Washington, and solve social problems in America’s heartland. Aaron will fight to strengthen the economy by raising wages and fostering fair competition. Here are his ideas on how to do it:

  • Establish a livable minimum wage that allows people to provide for their basic needs without relying on government programs

  • Reduce income inequality by lifting wages for working and middle class families and ensuring that those who work hard have the means to provide a secure, healthy living for their household

  • End tax loopholes for rich CEOs and special interests

  • Establish trade that encourages American job growth

  • Shift business and corporate taxes from income to energy use to encourage investment in people over automation

  • Gain energy independence for Idaho by making smart investments to expand Idaho’s existing network of clean and renewable energy

  • Develop a fair and compassionate immigration system that keeps families together, brings in the best talent from around the world, and protects the ability of domestic workers to increase their income as the economy grows

  • Balance the federal budget and reduce the amount of tax revenue that goes toward interest on the national debt