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I’m running to create a better deal for hard working families. That starts with a fairer paycheck for those struggling to maintain a secure living.
— Aaron

Meet Aaron


Aaron Swisher was born and raised in rural West Virginia - the son of a mailman and a bank teller. He grew up, like many of us, with the understanding that hard work, honesty, and personal responsibility were the building blocks of success. After high school, Aaron worked in residential construction and textile manufacturing, before realizing his desire to study economics. He moved to Boise in 1993 to attend Boise State University, where he graduated with degrees in economics and finance.

After leaving BSU, Aaron worked at Micron Technology, where he quickly moved to the company’s treasury department to manage the corporation’s cash. It was during this time that he began to realize that America had an income disparity problem and the economy -- particularly the housing market -- lacked the foundation that was truly needed to support solid growth. Aaron's book, Resuscitating America: An Independent Voter’s Guide to Restoring the American Dream, puts forth a comprehensive economic plan for reviving the economy, balancing the budget, and solving America’s energy and environmental problems.

Aaron most recently left his job at Clarivate Analytics -- providing brand protection and anti-fraud services to corporate clients -- to campaign full time. His forthcoming book, The Wealth and Poverty of Capitalist Nations, puts forward a new school of economic thought that fixes the problems caused by Republican and Democratic economic theories. Aaron and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Boise and are the proud parents of a two-year-old son, Cormac.


Entering the Race

Aaron is running to create a better deal for working-class Americans. He has watched his fellow Americans – even those with college degrees and two-income households – struggle to maintain a secure living. He believes that anyone working full time should be able to support themselves and meet their basic needs. Aaron understands that a fairer paycheck for a majority of Americans will not only build stronger families, but also create a thriving national economy. By elevating the American middle class, we can help alleviate many of our social problems, strengthen and protect our Social Security system, help solve our healthcare crisis, and balance the federal budget.

America needs members of Congress who will fight for the middle class. Aaron understands that we don’t need a bigger bureaucracy to create better paying jobs, but we do need a government that acts in the best interest of American workers.